"Our project had to be completed outside the
normal dredging time. We had to get in and
out efficiently to minimize environmental
impact. The project went very smoothly
and was on time and budget. The results
are that because of Dissen & Juhn's
work we have significantly decreased
the likelihood of grounding and

- Bob Gaudette, Director,
Waterway Improvement Program,
Maryland Department of Natural
Resources, Rock Hall Marina


Dissen & Juhn Company is a proven expert in small and mid-sized dredging projects. The company specializes in deepening and widening entrance channels, fairways and boat slips in marinas and other boating facilities. We routinely dredge navigation channels for various local, state and federal government agencies.

Our fleet of mechanical and hydraulic clam shell dredges can handle a wide range of sandy, silty, and clayey materials and dredging environments from tight confines to open water.