marina operators

It's a fact-new construction helps sell slips! Dissen & Juhn is qualified to satisfy all marina construction needs: From start-ups and minor renovations to major overhauls and comprehensive expansions Dissen & Juhn's quality construction services will attract new customers, and keep your slips filled to capacity.


Dissen & Juhn specializes in foundation piling, shoreline erosion control, vehicular and pedestrian bridges and waterfront recreation for residential, commercial and industrial projects. As part of your development team, Dissen & Juhn contributes valuable insight to the design, permitting and construction.

general contractors

Dissen & Juhn acts as a general contractor and sub-contractor on development projects. Their versatility allows them to fully understand the value of partnerships and the necessity of meeting production schedules, running safe job sites and adhering to quality control procedures.


Dissen & Juhn not only works closely with engineering firms, but also employs engineers. This allows them to provide necessary technical resources to assist in design and construction to quickly, safely and cost-effectively execute their marine infrastructure designs.

government entities

Dissen & Juhn is active in the public sector providing local, state and federal government agencies with a host of products and services for the safety, defense and recreation of the public. The company routinely bids jobs to construct and maintain public infrastructure.