"Reputation was everything in the selection of Dissen & Juhn for this project. We are very pleased. I think this is one of the most successful projects we did here in a long time."
- Dan Branigan, Director of Design and Construction, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, St. Mary’s College


For nearly four decades Dissen & Juhn Company has been serving the needs of waterfront property owners with quality-build, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing erosion control structures of both a "hard" and "soft" variety. We offer several designs to meet varying budget, aesthetic, and site requirements.

  • A living shoreline combines low profile stone sills, sand fill and marsh grasses to create a natural barrier to eroding waves.

  • We also install bulkheads for precise shaping of land contours using interlocking sheets of timber, vinyl, or steel to form a continuous barrier between your property and the water.

  • Armor stone is one of the most cost effective and time proven solutions to shoreline erosion. These massive stones, weighing several tons each, are individually placed to create a substantial barrier to destructive wave action.

  • Riprap are smaller stones, weighing up to one ton each, packed tight to provide a stable embankment to protect shorelines from the eroding effects of waves and currents.
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