Dissen & Juhn has a long tradition of building docks, piers, and wharves for public and private entities. These structures provide ready access to recreational and working waterfronts for a host of activities such as fishing, boating, conveying pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and loading of freight and bulk materials.

Heavy carpentry is a specialty of the company. Timber structures are finding increased utilization in waterfront communities where their low-cost, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly designs compliment the natural surroundings of coastal environments.

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“My experience with working with Dissen & Juhn was a positive one. I was impressed with how professional everyone was as well as with the quality of the work. The project was completed exactly as it was presented, and was delivered on time and on budget despite having a tricky existing sewer line to deal with.”

- Jeff Holland, Museum Director, Annapolis Maritime Museum