Dissen & Juhn Company has extensive experience in installing driven pile systems in a variety of soil substrates. Round timber and pipe piles; timber, steel, vinyl and composite sheet piles; and steel H piles are driven using impact and vibratory methods. The company is also proficient in drilled piles.

Dissen & Juhn have installed foundation piles for structures as diverse as wastewater treatment plants and bridge piers, to retail stores and residential homes. We also provide pile testing; pile encapsulation and other pile repair services.


“Working with Dissen & Juhn has been great. We had to do a little juggling to meet grant deadlines and Dissen & Juhn not only accommodated the schedule, but also did very high quality work. They approach the job like they are the owners.”

- Al McCullough, Project Engineer, Sustainable Science LLC, Crouse Memorial Park